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Whip type clay

Grace whip type soft

Product Number: 868



Whip type clay is used to make fake whip cream.

Grace whip type soft

Quality and Features

(1) Whip type clay is used with light weight clay to make fake whip.

(2) As for Whip type clay ,you can use acrylic paints to color with it.

(3) Whip type clay hardens within 3 to 7 days.

How to use

(1) Squeeze Equal amount necessary then, insert the clay in the pack.

(2) Remove the air bubble by smoothing the clay out.

(3) Start squeezing the clay like you would with whip cream.

  • Retention method:You can retain the tube by stopping the edge of the tube with a clip Make sure that no air gets into the tube, or, after wrapping the tube and putting it in a insulated bag.


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