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Lightweight Clay

Grace lightweight-type
Product Number: 875
Grace super lightweight
Product Number: 876

How to use


Fake sweets
Grace lightweight-type is suitable for making fake macaron, ice-cream and the cake.

Doll (statue)



Quality and Features

(1) The Grace lightweight-type it is, the clay which lightens Grace of Resin-type clay.


Damp : 18g
Dryness : 14g

Grace Lightweight-type(15cc)
Damp : 10g
Dryness : 7g

Grace super lightweight(15cc)
Damp : 6g
Dryness : 4g

  • (2) Because Grace lightweight-type does not include the pulp (fiber), the surface is smooth.
  • (3) After the drying process, Grace lightweight-type, is rich in flexibility, and is difficult to break.
The other company (include the pulp (fiber), )
Grace lightweight-type (not include the pulp (fiber), )

  • (4) Grace lightweight-type clay can be blended with coloring clay, oil paint, and acrylic paint.

  • (5) Grace lightweight-type clay hardens within (3 day ~7 day) of air drying.

  • (6) After 3 to 7 days of drying, you can color Grace lightweight-type with the oil paints and the acrylic paints.
painted by oil paints.

  • (7) Retention method: You can retain the tube by stopping the edge of the tube with a clip Make sure that no air gets into the tube, or, after wrapping the tube and putting it in a insulated bag.