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we have continued to retail original craft clay since June 1977.
In the early years, our business was only in “Farinetta”, a “clay dough” made from flour. However, we have expanded our business with the addition of “Mainetta” made from stone dust, “Cosmos” and “Grace”, resin-type clays made from cereal flour, and “Neo Farinetta”, a combination of flour clay and resin-type clay.
In recent years, we have answered to the many needs of clay crafters through an extensive lineup of products including “Lightweight Clay” and “Grace super Lightweight” which blends lightweight material to resin clay as well as “Grace Whip Type Soft” born from the recent sweets boom.
Meanwhile, we also develop tools such as craft sticks, brushes, leaf molds, and petal molds that are indispensable to clay crafts while publishing and selling related books as a well.
Seminars for beginners are also offered and craft classes supported through the cooperation of our nationwide outlet stores and our circle of clay craft lovers continues to grow.
We wish to create products that reflect the valuable voices of our customers and to expand the circle of clay craft lovers everywhere.


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1792-1 Kawato, Yamazaki-cho, Shiso-si, Hyogo 671-2593